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Beginning Band


I want to tell you about a great opportunity available for your child at Glenpool Middle School. The Glenpool Middle School Band is one of the premiere groups on campus. According to many studies, students who participate in music and band have higher test scores regardless of socioeconomic background. Even today college admissions continue to cite participation in music programs as an important factor in making admission decisions. The studies go even more in depth about what your student will succeed in.


The band performs several concerts throughout the year, plays for many school and civic events, and even serves as a pep band for some of our school’s athletic events. The band has also earned several awards during the last few years including high remarks as concert festival and solo and ensemble. Our school building is only a few years old and this gives us one of the largest and state of the art facilities in Tulsa County.


Most students who join the GMS Band continue to perform in the Glenpoool High School Band. The GHS Band has developed an extensive list of awards and will be traveling to Chicago this upcoming year. The band performs for many community events. Many band students go on to perform in college band and earn scholarships for their musical achievements.


It is my hope that your child will consider joining the GMS Beginning Band to start a wonderful musical journey. Sixth grade students who join the band do not need any prior musical experience. Band is also an academic course, so students earn a grade for participating. Band students can also participate in other student organizations including GMS sports.  It is not too late to sign up and join the band and there is no limit on the amount of students we can have in the class.


To find out more about how your child can be a part of the GMS Band please visit our band website: www.harrismsband.weebly.com or if you have any questions, please fill free to contact Mr. Self at (918) 322-9500 ext 864 or ext 523 or klself@glenpoolps.org or Mr. Reynolds at drreynolds@glenpoolps.org. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


Musically yours,


Ken Self

Douglas Reynolds



Who can join band at GMS?

All students, regardless of musical ability or background in music instruction are invited to join the band.


Beginning band is first offered in sixth grade at Glenpool Middle School. Students in this class move into seventh grade intermediate and eighth grade advanced band classes as their skills advance to an appropriate level.


When do band classes take place?

Band is scheduled during 1st hour


Where do I get an instrument?

Beginners need instruments that play easily, and these will only be quality instruments in good repair! If purchasing a musical instrument is new to you, please call a band director for advice before buying an instrument from anyone other than a recognized musical instrument retailer. The band director is ready and willing to help parents understand what they are purchasing. Do not purchase an instrument on the internet unless you have specific, current knowledge of instrument brands and models. The band directors can provide you with a list of recommended instrument brands.


If purchasing a used instrument from a friend or relative, feel free to ask one of the band directors to evaluate its condition and quality. Bear in mind that hand-me-down instruments may need expensive repair and reconditioning to be suitable for a beginner to play. This can sometimes be as expensive as buying a quality used instrument. The band directors can competently evaluate a used or older instrument, but you should also consider having the instrument evaluated and a repair estimate made by a professional instrument repair shop. Tulsa area music stores, Saied Music, Palen Music, The Music Store and Barnetts Instrument Exchange, contract instrument repairs to a professional shop, and the band directors also recommend the repair shop.


Aren’t instruments expensive?

You’ll need to visit a music store, such as Saied Music to get a specific answer to this question since makes and models of instruments, whether new or used, vary widely. In general, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, and percussion kits can be rented from $20 to $50 per month, depending on the instrument. (Saxophones are more expensive than others.) The large school-owned brass instruments, such as French horn, baritone, and tuba are supplied by GMS Band.


I don’t know what instrument I want to play?

Not a problem - most beginning band students don’t know what they want to play. Each student will have the opportunity to learn, hear, and try out many of the instruments.


What if I’m not successful on an instrument?

Mr. Self and Mr. Reynolds will evaluate each student on each instrument and help guide the student to the instrument that best fit them. Setting your child up for success means finding an instrument that is easy for them to produce a tone on, which makes practice and playing that instrument enjoyable. It also produces a well-balanced band. Each of the instrument sections needs an appropriate number of players to make a band complete.


What if I can’t afford to be in band?

Financial limitations should never stop a student from participating in band. Parents may talk confidentially to the band directors when a student needs financial assistance of any level in order to participate. In addition to the regular school-owned instruments (French horn, baritone, tuba,) the school owns a number of flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and trombones which are available first for students who need financial assistance.


Do you have to be able to read music to be in band? What if you have never had music lessons before?

No previous musical experience or knowledge at all is necessary to participate in band. Students are taught everything “from scratch”. How to read music is taught simultaneously with how to play the instrument.


Can I participate in a sport or be a cheerleader and be in the band?

Absolutely - every year members of all sports teams and cheerleaders can be found in band at all grade levels. Some students have participated in as many as three to four sports activities in the course of a school year while also successfully participating in band! Since band is taught during the school day hours, there is no regular conflict with extra-curricular activities.


Is after school rehearsal is required?

Not much. 7th and 8th grade band students practice their instrument 3 or 4 days per week. These rehearsals are in preparation for concert festivals, concerts in December and May.


What else do I need?

Every student must purchase their own copy of the method book Measures of Success for their specific instrument. This book can be found at area music stores or even ordered through an online book seller like Amazon.com. Students are expected to have their method book in class at all times, replacing it when it is lost.


Students who play a school owned brass instrument such as French horn, baritone, or tuba are encouraged to purchase their own mouthpiece. In addition, each instrument has specific needs such as reeds, neck straps, oils and greases, which students are expected to have on hand at all times.